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Kings Canyon is Uluru’s companion piece – a chasm almost as deep as Uluru is high, with sheer sandstone cliffs, ancient cycads and the oasis of a permanent waterhole known as the Garden of Eden.

You can walk around its rim, or hike down to the canyon floor, but the best way to get the full perspective of the canyon is with a scenic helicopter tour.

We offer three flights over Kings Canyon well within the reach of most travel budgets. The eight-minute Canyon Dash gives you an aerial peek into the heart of the canyon, where the red cliffs form a horseshoe around the green canyon floor.

A 15-minute flight widens the experience, taking in the canyon and the Garden of Eden, along with the weathered sandstone domes of the Lost City and the nearby flat-topped peak of Carmichael Crag.

We’ve detailed our tours below so you can decide which best suits for you and your family for these amazing Kings Canyon helicopter tours.

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