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Choosing the Perfect Uluru Helicopter Flight for Your Holiday

It’s official, your flights are booked, and you’re headed to Uluru to for an amazing holiday. You’ve probably organised your accommodation already, but have you thought about the incredible adventures that lie ahead? There is an abundance of unbelievable experiences available to help you explore Uluru while you’re there but today we are going to be talking about our favourite experience, an Uluru helicopter flight.

Why Choose an Uluru Helicopter Flight?

There are so many experiences that are guaranteed to take your breath away, so why should an Uluru helicopter flight be at the top of your list? Our Uluru helicopter flights are a simple way to capture the grandeur of the ancient monolith from above. In previous years you were actually able to complete a rock climb. This climb allowed you to reach the top of Uluru, allowing you to take in the unbelievable from above.

However, in 2019 the ability to climb Uluru was stopped as it holds an immense amount of cultural significance to the Indigenous people of Australia that was being disrespected by those wanting to complete the climb. Along with great cultural significance, climbing Uluru was having detrimental impacts on the environment and well as putting people in danger as it wasn’t the easiest path to follow.

Instead of climbing Uluru, you can instead explore it from a higher angle with an Uluru helicopter flight. Although our helicopters are not able to fly directly over Uluru, we are still able to get you up close to the rock to snap those postcard perfect pictures. The best thing? We can cover numerous locations such as Kata Tjuta and Lake Amadeus in one flight, saving you having to spend time driving around!

We do have a large range of Uluru helicopter flights so today we thought we’d break down each of our helicopter experiences to help you pick the perfect one for your holiday.


Our Range of Uluru Helicopter Flights  

Uluru Only Helicopter Experience

First one our list of Uluru helicopter flights is our Uluru Only Helicopter Experience. This experience is shorter than our other experiences as it takes off, heading directly to and from Uluru. The entire experience is about 15-minutes long, making it ideal for those who are short on time between activities or those who are on a budget but still want to capture Uluru from a different angle.


Uluru & Kata Tjuta Helicopter Experience

This one is one of our most popular flights we offer and for good reason. Not only do you get to explore Uluru from the sky, but you’ll also see Kata Tjuta. A lot of travellers haven’t even heard of Kata Tjuta before visiting the Northern Territory and trust us, it’s something you don’t want to miss seeing while you’re here. Kata Tjuta is a cluster of 36 conglomerate rock domes, which the tallest rock actual standing 198 metres taller than Uluru!

If you’re looking for an Uluru helicopter flight where you can see multiple sights, our Uluru & Kata Tjuta Helicopter Experience might be the choice for you.


Uluru & Kata Tjuta Sunset Grand View Experience

We’ve all heard about the incredible phenomenon of Uluru changing colours at sunset, so we created an Uluru helicopter flight to help you view it happening from the sky. Our Uluru & Kata Tjuta Sunset Grand View Experience  showcases two of the most famous natural landmarks in Australia, all the while you can watch their colours shift from a rust red, to fiery orange before it changes to a purple hue as the sun sinks lower in the sky.

There are limited availabilities for this experience each day, so it’s important to book at least two weeks prior to your holiday for the best chance at getting your preferred date and time.


Lake Amadeus, Uluru & Kata Tjuta Helicopter Experience

I bet you didn’t think there would be a lake in the middle of the outback! Lake Amadeus is a large salt lake located in the outback and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see camels grazing the shoreline where the salty water meets the sand. Along with Lake Amadeus you’ll also get to explore both Uluru and Kata Tjuta all on the same journey.


Uluru & Kata Tjuta Grand View Helicopter Experience

This Uluru helicopter flight offers everything our standard Uluru & Kata Tjuta experience offers, as well as more. Instead of 25-minutes, this flight is a 36-minute journey that takes you on the western side of Kata Tjuta where you’re able to see the impressive Walpa Gorge and Mount Conner, as well as Uluru.


One with the Lot – Kings Canyon & Uluru, Kata Tjuta Air Safari by Helicopter

We’ve definitely saved the best for last. Our One with the Lot – Kings Canyon & Uluru, Kata Tjuta Air Safari by Helicopter is the easiest way to see all of these amazing sites from just one seat. You will get to explore all the sites we have previously mentioned along with Kings Canyon from the comfort of one Uluru helicopter flight (saving you a 3.5-hour journey from Uluru to Kings Canyon via car!).

This half day experience includes roughly 2 hours of flying time with 2.5 hours on the ground at King Canyon Resort. This allows you to spend some. Time exploring the Kings Canyon bed walk before boarding the helicopter again for the trip back.


Book Your Uluru Helicopter Flight Now!

Don’t miss out on your chance to embark on an Uluru helicopter flight with us. Due to an influx of travellers heading to the Northern territory, our helicopter experiences are booking out well in advance. To avoid missing out, click here to visit our website to pre-book your experience now.

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