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Can I choose my seat?

Prior to your flight, we are required by law to have an accurate reading of each customer’s weight and the weight of any cargo before boarding the flight so we can determine the best way to distribute the weight evenly across the aircraft. To be able to distribute the weight evenly to ensure a safe experience for everyone on board, we will allocate your seat. Although you may not be seating directly beside your travel partner, you will still be on the same helicopter at only an arm’s length away. If we didn’t allocate seats, there could be detrimental impacts, if the flight was even able to lift off from the ground.

We thank you for your understanding.

Are there weight limits for PHS?

There is no individual weight limit however there is a maximum total weight limit for the aircraft. Accurate passenger weights are critical for the safe operation of helicopters, please ensure that any supplied passengers’ weights are as accurate as possible. Professional Helicopter Services are required by law to measure the weights of all passengers and any cargo that are transported on our helicopters before flight and mismatches between supplied and actual weights can lead to significant delays or non-refundable cancellations in some circumstances.

Is there a minimum age to fly with PHS?

There is no minimum age to be able to fly with us, everyone is welcome on our flights.

Why are there bookings fees?

At Professional Helicopter Services everything we do ensures we can continue to provide a premium service for our customers at an affordable price. For each transaction we do have Booking Fee’s and a Credit Card surcharge, as most businesses do. These fees ensure we can create a seamless experience for you as we utilise the best booking platform available. Along with our booking platform, by having Booking Fees we are able to have a team of amazing individuals who are available to assist you with your experience, whether that be online through email, phone call or even in person across our various locations. We thank you for your understanding.

How many seats do your helicopters hold?

As we operate a large fleet of helicopters, our aircraft can carry between 4 – 6 passengers per flight pending the aircraft being utilised on the day. All helicopters are assigned due to a number of operational reasons including aircraft availability, weather, maintenance and total weights of all passengers on board. If you are travelling with more than 6 passengers, please reach out to our friendly reservations team and they will assist in catering to your group.

We thank you for your understanding.

I am a solo traveller; do you have a waitlist?

If you’re a solo traveller and can’t find any availabilities online for your preferred date or time, phone our team on 08 8956 2003. We can add you to our single seat waitlist where if any last-minute seats become available during your travel dates, our team will contact you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Through our online booking system, we accept Visa and Credit payments. If booking your helicopter experience via our team at our Yulara Booking Booth we accept Visa, Credit and Cash payments. We also accept Professional Helicopter Services Gift Cards that can be purchased online.

Can I take photos from the helicopter?

Yes, you can take photo from our helicopters. Phones and cameras are permitted onboard to capture your experience from above.

Can I book multiple helicopters for a large group?

It is possible to book multiple helicopters if you do have a large group, but it is subject to availability. If you’re interested in this option you will need to book well in advance as our flights book out quickly for upcoming dates, especially from the beginning of May until the end of September.

What is your cancellation policy?

PHS reserves the right to cancel any product and refuse entry where PHS reasonably believes same has been obtained in an unlawful or improper manner or in breach of these Terms & Conditions. If you have pre-booked a tour or charter the following cancellation conditions apply: • More than 24 hours’ notice: Full Refund • Less than 24 hours’ notice: No refund • Late arrivals or no-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled. All cancellation requests should be made in writing by email and addressed to [email protected]. At times, varying Cancellation policies may be applicable to a charter, air work flight or private hire bookings. These variances will be provided in written during the quotation stage of your reservation. Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Do you fly in all weather conditions?

Our Northern Territory helicopter experiences take off from 8:30am through to sunset, 365 days a year – weather permitting. Harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, torrential rain or dangerous storms may impact our ability to carry out safe flights which will lead to us cancelling flights. If this is the case our team will be in contact with you regarding rescheduling your flight but there is no need to worry, there are very few days a year we have to reschedule!

Can you fly over Uluru?

Our Uluru helicopter flights do not directly fly over Uluru. No flights are permitted to fly over Uluru as it is protected land as it holds great cultural significance to the Indigenous people of Australia. As our Uluru helicopter flights do operate on and above sacred land, we ensure we follow all protocol to ensure we are showing our respect to the original custodians of the land as well as the land itself.

Which hotels do you pick up from within the resort/Do you provide transport?

We offer all passengers a complimentary pickup from the major hotels prior to their flight. This includes Sails in the Desert Hotel, Desert Gardens Hotel, Ayers Rock Resort Campground, Outback Pioneer Hotel and Coach Campground. Passengers staying at Emu Walk Apartments will be picked up from Desert Gardens Hotel, and passengers staying at the Lost Camel will be picked up from Sails in the Desert Hotel. A confirmation email will arrive with your confirmed pick-up time and location once a booking has been secured.

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