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Whether you require an initial Instructor, Instrument or Night Rating, Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) or Instrument Recency under Part 61, our highly experienced instructors can tailor CASA approved, training to your needs.



Whether you require an initial Instructor, Instrument or Night Rating, Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) or Instrument Recency under Part 61, our highly experienced instructors can tailor CASA approved, training to your needs.



PHS is now proud to offer NVIS Training to our Flight Training customers. Using the latest generation NVG equipment, (both green and white phosphorus tubes options), PHS provides experienced Emergency Service instructors to deliver an NVIS program that is both CASR Part 61 Compliant and tailored to your individual operational requirements. PHS NVIS training can be delivered on both single engine and multi-engine platforms using our NVIS certified AS350 FX2 or NVIS AS 355 F2 Squirrel helicopters.

The PHS NVIS course syllabus includes ground deliveries covering NVIS legislation and regulations, aeromedical factors, goggle and hardware limitations and operational use. Ground components also include NVIS CRM considerations and cockpit configuration. Flight deliveries include normal and emergency operations and considerations, IIMC avoidance and recovery, & upper air and low-level operations including confined area operations and NVIS mission planning.

PHS NVIS training is conducted over a 1-week period including Ground School, Flight Components and Initial Issue Flight Test. Our NVIS training grounds provide a diverse mix of CBD edge illumination, coastal low contrast and low illumination “black hole” environments.



PHS has been training Helicopter NVFR students longer than any other flight school. This important qualification is conducted to the highest CASA standard. With our instructors having thousands of hours of night experience, they can teach you the skills and knowledge to meet all the requirements of the CASA NVFR flight test.

The basic instrument component of the syllabus (3 hours dual) can be conducted in our Instrument Flight Simulator, this gives the student the required basic instrument experience at the best possible price. The NVFR flight test can be conducted in house at PHS making us the one stop shop for your NVFR qualification.



FROM $99

Instrument Recency, our latest generation ELITE Synthetic Flight Training Device (SFTD), is fully CASA certified for you to conduct your IFR recency requirements in the most cost-effective manner.​ GNSS, ILS, VOR and NDB approaches can all be included into an Instrument Recency flight to maintain your IFR currency.

Whether it is pre-employment screening, basic instrument refresher or approach currency, PHS can service all your SFTD needs.



PHS was one of Australia’s first helicopter flight schools to offer Instrument Flight Training in 1987 and now this syllabus is back. Our Instrument flight training course includes training in our Cat ‘B’ synthetic trainer featuring ‘control loading’ which makes our trainer feel like a real helicopter.

This feature makes the transition from Synthetic Flight Training Device (SFTD) to the actual helicopter, seamless.

Our SFTD cockpit is also an exact copy of the AS355 F2 that we offer for basic instrument training, this allows for the students to step straight from the SIM to flying on instruments, in the real aircraft, with confidence from the first flight.

Our instrument syllabus is fully Part 61 compliant ensuring that your training will meet the highest standards as set by CASA.

To complete the Instrument Rating Syllabus you will be required to complete the following (these requirements may change depending on qualifications already held):

Gain a pass in the Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) 20 hours of Synthetic Flight Training 20 hours of Instrument Flight Training in the actual aircraft.

Airspace and navigation aids in and around the Moorabbin Airport (YMMB) area offer the ideal airspace to conduct all the sequences required, in the most time efficient manner, with minimum transit times between approach sequences.

If operating Off Shore, SAR or EMS helicopters is your intended career path, then Helicopter Instrument flight training provided by PHS, is a must.


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